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The wind shower room is also called "wind shower machine", "wind shower door", wind shower room, "wind shower room", and "blowing shower room".

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又称空气浴尘室(AIR SHOWER) 它是人员或货位进入洁净区由风机通过风淋喷嘴喷出经过高效过滤的洁净强风吹除人或物体表面吸附尘埃的一种通用性很强的局部净化设备。 The air shower is also called AIR SHOWER : it is a kind of universality in which people or goods enter the clean area and the clean strong wind that is sprayed out by the fan through the air shower nozzle is filtered and the strong wind blows away the dust adsorbed on the surface of people or objects. Very strong local purification equipment.
根据使用对象不同可分为: 人淋室 货淋室 风淋通道 ,货淋通道 The air shower room can be divided into: human shower room , cargo shower room , air shower channel , cargo shower channel
The device for showering people is generally called ------ wind shower room
The device for blowing the cargo is generally called --- cargo shower room
为作业者或物品进入无尘室时用以吹除人体衣服设备、物料及工具上的尘埃。 Main function : It is used to blow off the dust on human clothes equipment, materials and tools when operators or articles enter the clean room.
卷帘门型,便于开启。 Among them, the cargo shower room is generally designed as a floorless type to facilitate the passage of goods. With the current stricter requirements for showering, the door is generally designed as a manual stainless steel double-opening type or a fully automatic PVC rolling door type to facilitate opening.
Generally divided into three types according to different materials:
彩钢板风淋室 ,适用于环境干燥,使用人数不多的车间,价格低。 1 ) Color steel plate air shower room , suitable for workshops with dry environment and few users, low price.
冷轧钢板风淋室 (酸洗磷化静电喷涂),适用于电子工厂,使用人数比较多,由于门采用不锈钢制作,很耐用,但价格比较适中。 2 ) Cold-rolled steel plate air shower room (acid-washing phosphating electrostatic spraying), suitable for electronics factories, with a large number of users. Because the door is made of stainless steel, it is durable, but the price is moderate.
不锈钢板风淋室 (SUS304), 适用于食品加工,医药保健品加工行业,车间环境比较潮湿但不会生锈。 3 ) Stainless steel plate air shower (SUS304), suitable for food processing, medical and health care products processing industries, the workshop environment is relatively humid but will not rust.
单人单吹风淋室,单人双吹风淋室,单人三吹风淋室, 双人双吹风淋室,双人三吹风淋室,多人双吹风淋室,多人三吹风淋室 , 转角风淋室 , According to the shower method, it can be divided into: top hair shower room, single single hair shower room, single double hair shower room, single three hair shower room, double double hair shower room, double three hair shower room, multiple people double hair shower. Shower room, three-person shower room , corner air shower room ,
一个侧板有喷嘴,适合要求不高的工厂,比如:食品包装或饮料加工、大桶水生产等 1 ) Single blow type : one side plate has nozzles, suitable for factories with low requirements, such as food packaging or beverage processing, vat water production, etc.
双吹型 :一个侧板跟顶板有喷嘴,适合国内食品加工企业,比如:糕点制作,干果等小规模企业 2 ) Double blowing type : one side plate and top plate have nozzles, suitable for domestic food processing enterprises, such as: small-scale enterprises such as pastry making and dried fruit
三吹型 二个侧板和顶部都有喷嘴,适合出口加工企业,或高精密仪器等要求较高的行业。 3 ) Three-blowing type : The two side plates and the top have nozzles, which are suitable for export processing enterprises or high-precision instruments and other industries with higher requirements.
Device configuration instructions :
)风机---空调专用高压离心风机,型号:DXL-160,全压:1000Pa,转速:2800r/min,功率:550W,工作电压:380V/50Hz,风机出现产品质量问题五年包换。 1 ) Fan --- High-pressure centrifugal fan for air conditioner, model: DXL-160, full pressure: 1000Pa, speed: 2800r / min, power: 550W, working voltage: 380V / 50Hz, product quality problems will be replaced for five years.
)风速---25M/S 2 ) Wind speed --- 25M / S
)喷嘴---全不锈钢材料制作,可360度调方向,埋入式设计 3 ) Nozzle --- all stainless steel material, 360-degree direction adjustment, embedded design
)过滤系统---采用初效过滤器高效过滤器双过滤系统,由于初效过滤器是采用无纺布制作的,可清洗可拆卸所以大大延长高效滤器的寿命,节省成本。 4 ) Filtration system --- It adopts dual- effect filter system of primary effect filter and high-efficiency filter . Since the primary effect filter is made of non-woven fabric, it can be cleaned and disassembled, which greatly prolongs the life of the high-efficiency filter and saves costs.
)过滤效率---99.99%,>0.3μm 5 ) Filtration efficiency-99.99%,> 0.3 μm
)控制系统---自动控制(兼可手动控制)配电源指示灯和工作指示灯 6 ) Control system --- automatic control (also manual control) with power indicator and work indicator
Memory induction blower, the infrared photoelectric sensor starts the fan after the object is sensed, the timer ends, and the wind shower stops.
风淋时间---LED显示吹淋时间(0-99秒可调),一般设定为20-30秒一次 6) Air shower time --- LED display shower time (adjustable from 0-99 seconds), generally set to once every 20-30 seconds
照明灯---内置式桶灯或吸嵌式防爆灯,功率:25W 7) Illumination lamp --- Built-in bucket light or suction explosion-proof lamp, power: 25W
照度---300LXS 8) Illumination --- 300LXS
可选其他功能--- 9) Optional other functions ---
电子式连锁--- 进门和出门安装电子互联锁,可以实现通电状态下只能开启一个门,双门不能同时打开,确保洁净区的卫生。 1)) Electronic interlocking --- Install electronic interconnection locks on the entrance and exit, which can realize that only one door can be opened under the power-on state, and the two doors cannot be opened at the same time to ensure the hygiene of the clean area.
闭门器--- 可以在进门出门安装闭门器,可以实现90度内自动闭门,还可以90度自动停位,打扫卫生比较方便。 2)) Door closers --- Door closers can be installed at the entrance and exit, which can automatically close the door within 90 degrees, and can also automatically stop at 90 degrees, making cleaning easier.
--- 内置式,臭氧产量为:100MG/H,对风淋室内部的消毒灭菌。 3)) Ozone sterilizer --- built-in, ozone output: 100MG / H, disinfection and sterilization inside the air shower room.

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